Pipe Creek Farm is Matt's dream come true- 30 acres at the end of a dead end road in Indiana....peace, solitude, and some of the best bottom land around for growing vegetables. What started out as a hobby and an escape from the city, quickly became a little business. He will tell you he is a farmer who had to work for a living!
Over the years, Matt and his friends built a gambrel barn that provides  shelter and  storage for the long term crops he grows.

Our first date was a visit to his farm....I knew then he was my kind of guy! Our love grew along with the vegetables- working together in a garden is a great way to get to know each other. I became a master at tying tomatoes to trellises while I learned who Matt really was and what mattered most to him.

My Mother taught me the joy of growing things. A slow walking tour of her gardens remains one of my favorite things to do when I am home in Maine for the summer.

When I met Matt, I was working at Cincinnati Children's Hospital in their Pediatric Intensive Care Unit- stress was my constant companion there- I remember driving out to the farm with my shoulders around my ears and feeling it all drain away while I worked in the garden.

The first year we grew the garden together , I arrived at the farm with flower seeds and when I asked Matt where I could plant them, he leaned on his shovel and said  "Why ? - we can't eat them". I thought he was kidding but he meant it! I negotiated for a row at the edge of the field  and so began our journey together- opening up to new ideas and ways of doing things; what I call  making room for each other. One of my fondest memories of that time is havng Matt turn to me when my row was in it's full bloom glory and say " It never occured to me to grow flowers just because they are pretty". We are good for each other and proof that people can change! 

In the 10 years we have farmed together alot has changed..we built a wood fired sauna up at the lake and replaced the dock . Matt built me a ladder so I can get in and out of the lake without climbing through the weeds. Our grandson had his first swim there. Matt even built me an outhouse- an act of true love!

We are and always will be a work in progress- growing through the seasons with the determined force of a bulb that lies under the snow all winter, always inching toward the sun. We keep the weeds under control, fertilize with unconditional love and share our harvest.

  1. view from our sauna
    01 Feb, 2017
    Keep the home fires burning
    Living requires resolve, resistance and community. Join the conversation here.
  2. Alphabet of Me
    25 Jul, 2016
    Alphabet of Me
    Our family has a tradition of making lists....
  3. Welcome to the joyful rhythm of Pipe Creek Farm
    17 Jul, 2016
    Welcome to the joyful rhythm of Pipe Creek Farm
    Summer's joyful rhythm enveloped us yesterday. Enjoy!

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