I was going to be "The Best Old Maid that ever lived"
Throughout my adult life as a single Mom, I was struggling to understand why I couldn't find love. My thinking was twisted-for  when I decided to love myself and be happy and stop looking for love, Matt happened.
A solitary kind of guy, happy on his farm
Matt enjoyed bachelorhood....especially the part where he could do as he pleased. Life was full with a demanding job in IT for University of Cincinnati.  Matt decided to buy a farm and start growing produce for Cincinnati's Findlay Market as a way to relieve stress.
He decided to look for love and found me.
Our family of cats
Our Travels
Pipe Creek Farm
At one time, Matt had 5 Dobermans,  all under voice command.   He never envisioned falling for this crazy cat lady . As proof that change is possible, Matt  now applies his dog training techniques to rehabbing the feral cats that find us.
We enjoy our family and friends from Maine to California. Being semi-retired, we are able to plan 3 trips a year. Summer in Southport ,Maine; Winter in Surfside, Florida and Ocean Beach, CA.
In between trips we are either planning or tending our gardens.  Join us!
Matt's a farmer. Kerri's a gardener. Together our combined growing experience spans a century! 
We save seeds and grow heirloom variety vegetables.
          We are building a life in babysteps

Our relationship is based on love, loyalty and friendship. My claddaugh ring is a symbol of the promises we made to each other in marraige. We know that change comes slow if at all in middle age and life is never all sunshine and roses.... This is the story of two imperfect souls, who in spite of a long history of solitude; bravely decided to love. We work hard everyday to be our best selves and spread our long awaited love around. Imperfectly perfect for each other. Join us on the journey!
Kerri works part time in Pediatric Home Health and volunteers for the medical team at Ohio Alleycat Resource.

Feral cats find her, even on vacation!

Matt has retired from University of Cincinnati and works at the Home Depot part time. He's really a farmer!

We became Grandparents 2 years ago and the whole family helps with the cat rescue. The laundry room is dedicated to caring for our foster cats/kittens. Lots of shenanigans happen here! 
Even our little Grandson does his part by socializing the kittens.

  1. view from our sauna
    01 Feb, 2017
    Keep the home fires burning
    Living requires resolve, resistance and community. Join the conversation here.
  2. Alphabet of Me
    25 Jul, 2016
    Alphabet of Me
    Our family has a tradition of making lists....
  3. Welcome to the joyful rhythm of Pipe Creek Farm
    17 Jul, 2016
    Welcome to the joyful rhythm of Pipe Creek Farm
    Summer's joyful rhythm enveloped us yesterday. Enjoy!

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